Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Avoid Custom Codes in WordPress Core files

WordPress is the best blogger CMS open source, as well as hack-able one. So we need to keep updating everything regularly.

WordPress version

WordPress version update comes with Manual update as well as One click update from the dashboard. But if you made any custom codes inside wp-admin/ or wp-includes folders, then it will be replaced and we will lose our files, functions etc.

So Always don't edit any core files of WordPress

as well as don't update any raw files inside wp-content/themes or wp-cotent/plugins, if you edit any WordPress themes then it will be big head ache as well as we need to be stay in the old version if we need our site in the same format, if you did any edits in the theme files and updating the version then we will entirely loose the site design, functions etc.

So always create a Child theme and put your edited files there

If we are following this formats, then by a single click we can update our versions, and our site will be get secured.

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