Sunday, 1 February 2015

Whatsapp for sharing your Posts, Whatsapp PHP API for Wordpress, Whatsapp for Wordpress

We can see many sharing services like Addthis, Sharethis have already integrated the Whatsapp sharing services in their stream.

But it wont work in the Desktop version, as Whatsapp will work in latest Iphone and Chrome version. May be in the future days they will set the API for web sharing, but for now there is no such options in Whatsapp as well as in other Social Sharing Sites.

Ok, but we can do the sharing. Please refer this, they are having the API to send the Whatsapp message from a mobile to other mobile.

Ok, here is the steps to set your API:

  • First we need to register our Mobile number with WART (, check this site.

  • Once you register you will get a SMS code confirmation

  • We need to set the Code confirmation again in the same registration form and once set we will get the below 

  • Username
  • Password
  • Identity
         and this is what we need for the API

Please set the credentials inside the exampleFunctional.php file, and set the [$target] target mobile number to which you want to send your blog titles/ URLs.

The target numbers will get the Whatsapp Message from our WART registered Mobile number.

This Github URL is providing all the variables set for Whatsapp API from venomous0x


We can use this API and integrate with our Blogger or Wordpress sites, we can set some AUTO system and send the messages to the Subscribed mobile numbers once we post a new articles in our site.



Why Whatsapp is not working in my ADDTHIS share code?

That is because it will be get worked inside the mobile device only with latest OS and CHROME versions. Also while referred to different forums, it is detailed that it will get worked in the latest Iphone devices.

If we run the Addthis - Whatsapp share inside the desktop version we will get the below link and it wont get worked


Happy coding...


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